We repair most minor cosmetic car bodywork dents and scratches and alloy wheel damage at your home, workplace or at our workshop in Guildford and nearly always within a day. Our repairs are fully guranteed for your ownership of the car and any workshop repairs include a free collection and delivery service if required.

We specialise in:


  • Bumper Scuffs
  • ChipsAway repair common car parking damage from other cars, brick walls, posts etc.

    Depending on the damage the areas are rubbed down, filled if necessary to remove all scratches, painted and re-lacquered to an as new appearance. We also repair non-painted plastic trim, bumpers and rubbing strips using or plastic repair process.
  • Scratches

  • If you car has scratches on doors and wings, from damage or malicious key scratching we can repair this type of damage.

  • With this type of work, the trickiest aspects of matching and blending dark colours is losing the lacquer edge on the new repair but this need not be an issue with ChipsAway's blending technology.

    Also, thanks to ChipsAways' Aquaclear water based paint technology, silvers and light metallics are also no problem. A proximity to a curve or bodyline will assist to "lose the repair". As a general rule, repairs are possible on all panels except bonnets and roofs. In the vast majority of cases the repairs are invisible and are indistinguishable to the eye.
  • Dents

    These can be pulled if the dents are large or deep or have damaged a curve in the panel like a wheelarch, and are then filled and painted. Smaller dents may need just filling and then a paintwork repair.
  • Paintless Dent Removal
    In some cases minor car park type dents can be removed without the need for a paintwork repair, using a process known as Paintless Dent Removal. The best course of repair will be discussed with you when we quote.
  • Alloy Wheel Repairs
  • We can repair most painted and diamond cut alloy rim damage caused by kerbing.
    • For painted wheels, the area is ground down, filled with special metallic filler if necessary, smoothed and repainted with matching paint, then re-lacquered to an 'as new' finish.
    • For Diamond Cut Wheels, the damaged surfaces are gound down using a CNC lathe, any damaged painted areas are coloured in and then the whole wheel is re-laquered to restore them to factory finish​
  • Stone Chips
    We can touch in stone chip damage to any part of the car to provide a barrier to water and salt ingress which if left untreated can ultimately leading to rust and devaluaing your second most valuable asset.

    Although usually not entirely invisible, in the vast majority of cases greatly improve the appearance of them. They serve to take your eye away from the damage and provide peace of mind that they are protected.

    (Stone chip repairs are excluded from our standard lifetime guarantee.)
  • Machine Polishing

    We can restore lacklustre or lightly scratched paintwork using machine polishing with specialist compounds and polishes. This can remove bush scratching and restore that new car shine
  • Headlamp Lens Refurbishent

    If you have cloudy headlamp lenses on your car, it may cause your car to fail it's MOT and will certainly affect your night time driving visibility.

    Headlamp lenses cloud over time due to environmental / sunlight damage and scratching from dust and grit thrown up off the roads.

    We can now repair these and restore the surface finish to give clearer vision and safer driving plus it will ensure they are MOT compliant. 

  • Lease Hand Back Assessment
    If you are handing back a leased or financed car you will normally find that the finance company has a hand back policy regarding damage that is or is not acceptable when the vehicle is returned.

    If you have scratches and dents, scuffed wheels etc it is likely that your finance company will either penalise you heavily for returning the car with that damage or will require to have it repaired prior to hand back.

    We are acredited to the 'Briitish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA)' which governs lease and financed vehicle companies regarding vehicle damage and associated costs. As such we can offer a pre-hand back vehicle inspection and a written condition assessment of the vehicle, which meets the guidelines set out by the BVRLA and which will detail what damage will be acceptable to leave on a vehicle and what work will need to be repaired to avoid handback penalties.

    In addition, if applicable we prepare a quote to repair any damage which is most circumstances will be significantly cheaper than the cost to hand the vehicle back with the damage still present.

    Our charge for the assessment is just £49 plus VAT and if we then carry out any repairs for you we deduct this from the repair costs.
  • Supagard Polymer Paintwork Protection Coating

    Having recently undertaken a comprehensive training course in the Supagard paint protection products, we can now make your vehicle spotlessly protected. 
  • The unique formula creates a tough polymer barrier which bonds with the paintwork, sealing it against oxidisation and the damaging effects of environmental pollutants, as well as protecting against paintwork fading - leaving your car with a high gloss finish guaranteed for 3 years!

    "The Supagard course was fantastic and I've already had a hugely positive response from customers! As well as the paintwork protection we can also offer interior leather and upholstery protection, whereby the specially formulated resin-based coating bonds to each individual fibre of the fabric, protecting it from permanent stains from liquids such as coffee, water and soft drinks etc - it really does achieve phenomenal results!"

    To help spread the word we have decided to offer a limited number of Supagard applications for just £199  - a saving of £100 on the RRP, on a first come first served basis.

    So if you're keen to keep your pride and joy in tip top condition and protect the paintwork from colour and gloss fade, as well as protecting it against the harsh environmental elements, why not give us a ring.

    Click on the logo below to see a short video about Supagard and its'    advantages