Thank you for choosing ChipsAway Guildford to repair your car and we trust that you are completely satisfied with the work we have carried out.

When the repair is complete it is fine to drive the car straight away and the repair will not be affected by rain or other normal weather conditions.


A minimum of 3-5 days must be left before there is any contact with the repair so no washing until then. This is to avoid any possible damage to the fresh paint while it fully cures

1st wash

The first wash should be with a soft clean sponge and clean water with a mild vehicle cleaning shampoo only. It is advisable to avoid jet washing.

Polishing and future care

After 30 days, the repair will be fully set and should then be looked after in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer handbook care guidelines.

Our system

The paint used by ChipsAway is a proprietary system in accordance with and similar to that used by all aftermarket SMART and bodyshop repairers and is not the original paint used by the manufacturers.

This means that harsh chemicals and processes that degrade a vehicle's finish (for example cleaning with harsh bristles, hard bristle car washes, or using abrasive polishes or cutting compounds) can degrade the repair area at a different rate to the original finish of the vehicle.

Damage to the finish in these circumstances is not covered by your guarantee.

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