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September 2013

New Car Registrations, get the maximum value for your used car !


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July 2013

Hot, hot, hot tips for looking after your car this summer...

Now summer is finally here, ChipsAway Guildford and Godalming urges motorists to prepare their cars for the hot weather to come. 

A lot of people...

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June 2013

Keep car paintwork up to scratch, advise experts

As the economic climate continues to bite and figures from the automotive manufacturing sector suggest motorists are holding off on buying new cars, industry experts are...

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March 2013

Did you know that ChipsAway complete over 400,000 repairs every year that's 1096 every day , or 45 per hour !! 

If you are preparing the way for a newly registered car this March, or simply looking to sell your car in exchange...

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February 2013

Come and see us over the weekend of the 16th and 17th Feb at Sainsburys Car Park, Woolsack Way Godalming where we will be doing a supermarket promotion and offering up to £20 discount off any repairs quoted and booked over the two...

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January 2013 Special Offer

Well we start 2013 with a bang so to speak with all the bad weather we have experienced in the last couple of weeks. 

If you have been unlucky enough to have a little 'event' in the snow we are doing a special offer on all...

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We had a really exciting year in 2012 doubling the size of the business and taking on an additional repairer, Sean Collyer who joined in June which meant that we completed a record number of repairs.


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